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  • Coessens K., 27/06/2011, Eco-tone 1: Object Space Entanglements. Live Exhibition (performance-lecture). Kathleen Coessens, Anne Douglas and Reiko Goto, On Calendar Variations. Nottingham University, UK.

  • Yip On Ying Adilia, Concert "Balafon Meets Marimba", Frankrijk, L’aubarge de Badassac, Pailhes, 19 oktober 2011

  • Adilia Yip On Ying, Lecture concert "Balafon Meets Marimba", Nederland, Maastricht, Stichting Intro, 29 mei 2012

  • Coessens K. & Aline Veiga Loureiro, interdisciplinary performance “Sculptures Musicales”, Labo 4, Antwerpen, deSingel, 24 februari 2013.

  • Coessens K. & Aline Veiga Loureiro, interdisciplinary performance “Freedom”, Labo 4, Antwerpen, deSingel, 24 februari 2013.

  • Schacher J., “The Possibility of an Island”, gestural electronic music. Sound Reasons Festival, Del - hi, Bangalore, India, 10 November 2012.

  • Yip On Ying Adilia & Dembele Moussa, ”Balafon Meets Marimba”, Brussel, MIM, 5 juni 2013.Raes N., performance, Belgium Performance Festival, Academie Antwerpen, 18 december 2013

  • Coessens K., 7-8/05/2012 International Conference on 'The Matter of Musical Experimentation' Contribution – lecture: “A day in my life – artistic encounters with a text”, University of York.

  • Coessens K., Anne Douglas and Ann Eysermans 3-5/10/2012 Orcim Festival: lecture-performance Explorations of experienced time and movement: the perspective of the musician and the visual artist, Orpheus Instituut Gent

  • Coessens K. & Ann Eysermans, 10-12/04/2013 International Conference on Contemporary Art 2013, virtual presentation Sounding Cartograms – A sensorial, analytic and artistic approach to visible/invisible traces of urban trajectories, Organisation Dakam, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (TR), Istanbul.

  • Coessens K., 21/11/2013 Research Café 'BODYWORKS', organised by AP-ART (Royal Antwerp Conservatoire and Royal Academy of Fine Arts, invited as Keynote speaker with a lecture- performance 'The body of the artist is Present.' Kunstcampus, Royal Conservatoire, Antwerp.

  • Coessens K., 14/03/2014 Onderzoeksdag KCB, performance-lecture 'the body of the artist is present'. Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel.

  • Coessens K., 26-28/02/2015 The Reflective Conservatoire Conference: lecture: “Performative sides/sites of performance: exploring the corporeal”, Guildhall School, London.

  • Schacher Jan, Michel Yang, Adilia Yip on Ying, Neal Leemput, Hélène Elst, Caroline Daish, Justine Maxelon, Kathleen Coessens 26/10/2016 ARTICULATE, Art Research Days; performance lecture: "All about bodies on stage";