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Two year research project

Promotors: Annouk Van Moorsel & Clara Van den Broek

This project focuses on the artistry of the teaching artist in drama. It aims to further develop the competencies of both the artist and the teacher. The ambition to continue learning throughout life is one of the core qualities of today's drama teacher/artist. Once working in the field of art education, however, this is far from evident when it comes to the personal artistic experience. The professional development offered by formal art education focuses mainly on pedagogical and didactic aspects of being a teacher, that of performing arts organisations on legal or technical aspects of being an artist. Those who are unable to connect with an employer in the arts are dependent on what the amateur arts sector has to offer or on their own initiatives to keep feeding their artistic practice. This research examines how professional teaching artists can develop both as artists and teachers by participating in process drama performances. In doing so, the research follows on from the doctoral study MoE 2.0: from dramatic inquiry towards an artistic result in art education, which calls for forms of process drama to be more integrated into artistic and art educational practice. The project will be a participatory action research project with two groups of teaching artists in drama. They will form communities of practice (CoPs) and arrive at knowledge circulation and creation through interaction and research. The project will have as output two process drama performances and transfer of knowledge by the CoPs to the (Educational) Master in drama (RCA), the research community and the arts education sector.

Bob Selderslaghs


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Bob Selderslaghs (1973) holds a PhD in the arts and works as a teaching artist and researcher in drama education. He graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp in 1996 with a Masters in Dramatic Art and immediately began working as an actor in theater and television. He has always combined his artistic work with artistic-educational activities: he has taught in art academies, the high school of performing arts and the arts education sector. In 2001 he obtained his teaching certificate at the University College of Antwerp. From 2008 to 2018 Bob was coordinator of the Drama Teacher Training Program at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp and taught various curricular courses there. Currently, he coordinates the master's theses of the Educational Master in Music and Performing Arts. Bob published several articles and books on (cross-domain) initiation in the arts and on Mantle of the Expert: a dramatic inquiry approach to learning and teaching that he has been researching intensively since 2016. In March 2022 he received his PhD with the thesis "MoE 2.0 - Mantle of the Expert: from dramatic inquiry towards an artistic result in arts education". Bob is chair of the CORPoREAL research group.

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